On-Site Precision

FORM will produce precise machine-cut roof panels directly from site-verified dimensions, using specialized roof design software. As
a result, we now produce better, more accurate, more attractive panels in real time on the job site faster than ever before.

Efficient & Effective Against The Elements

No more hand-cutting metal roof panels, it’s all machine die cut for higher part quality and better appearance. You save material since there’s no need to buy or produce longer roof panels which then have to be hand-cut and finished. There are no die changes needed for different profiles, saving you time, labor and money.

Made Simple To Save You Money

Asphalt shingles cost half as much as a metal roof. However, in 15-20 years you will be replacing your shingle roof at a much greater cost than a metal roof today. What’s more, we warranty our roofs for a lifetime. This will be the last roof you will ever need.